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Our Code of Ethics puts integrity at the very top of our priority list. Drawing on this code, we have developed trust-based relationships with our employees, clients, shareholders and local communities.

Our Code of Ethics outlines the rules, principles and values that underpin everything we do.

For our employees, the Code of Ethics is a source of shared pride that governs our teams and contributes to our growth. Our staff training and assessment programs, as well as our internal and external audits, all ensure full compliance.

100%of our employees are trained in Ethics Compliance

Our intermediaries, sub-contractors, joint-venture partners and main suppliers are required to declare in writing their commitment to complying with our Code of Ethics. 

Trust is a non-negotiable condition for any healthy business relationship. We undertake to protect our clients' confidentiality, including all commercial and personal data. Similarly, we comply with local and international ethical directives, in accordance with the norms and standards of our profession.

Our Code of Ethics is regularly updated in line with changing legislation and regulations.

Find here the latest version of our Code of Ethics 



Building quality relationships with clients across the entire value chain is essential to ensuring satisfaction.

client satisfaction assessment process is in place, and is rolled out at least once a year. The local and global results allow us to pursue our continuous improvement policy, and boost satisfaction levels among all Bureau Veritas clients.


Over 398.000 surveys sent out in 2019
95% of clients satisfied
ISO 9001 certification for 87%of our activities in 2019

Our “lean management” process forms the framework for a culture of continuous improvement and has a positive impact on client satisfaction. This process feeds into planning, route optimization, data management, project progress monitoring and project and report digitalization. It helps us continuously improve the relationships we enjoy with our clients by bringing them solutions tailored to their needs and expectations.

Our operational excellence is also reliant on the quality management system underpinning the Group's organizational structure, which ensures Bureau Veritas upholds the same standards around the world, and across all sectors.


Bureau Veritas is committed to promoting and protecting human rights, no matter the country or the projects we are called on to carry out.

The Group published its human rights and labor rights policy, which is based on international standards, norms and guidelines such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the OECD Guiding Principles and the United Nations' Global Compact principles.
Bureau Veritas encourages all its stakeholders, suppliers, sub-contractors, partners and clients to adopt this policy’s principles.

Find here the latest version of our Human Rights Policy



In light of the significant role of purchasing and sub-contracting both in our spending and activities, it is absolutely crucial that suppliers and sub-contractors adhere to our CSR policy.

Bureau Veritas' Partner Code of Conduct is an offshoot of our Code of Ethics and human rights policy. It draws on international norms, standards and regulations, and outlines the integrity, sustainability and safety requirements with which all Bureau Veritas partners are bound to comply.


Find here the latest version of our Business Partner Code of Conduct