HVI - laboratórios de fibras de algodão


The value and negotiation of cotton production is directly affected by fiber quality. To assist our clients in this process, we have four laboratories where we carry out tests with High Volume Instrument (HVI) technology, which assures the quality of the cotton and where we perform yarn classification. Our analyses provides for a complete verification of the product by evaluating items such as strength, fiber length and thickness, short fiber index, elongation, maturity, brightness, degree of yellowing, and degree of impurity. We conduct approximately 4.5 million tests with cotton samples per crop, serving more than 50% of the Brazilian market.


  • Our solutions allow analysis results to be delivered within 24 hours, assuring agility and preventing damages to the business due to delays in the delivery of quality results;
  • We have the best HVI tests on the market. We have given greater accuracy and reliability to the results;
  • Our analyses follow the standards of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), The International Cotton Association (ICA Liverpool), Bremen Cotton Association and Bremen Faser Institute, industry benchmarks;
  • Our laboratories participate in interlaboratory tests with international standardization bodies, such as the Commercial Standardization of Instrument Testing of Cotton (CSITC), guaranteeing the accuracy of the analyses.


HVI - Cotton
Accurate analyses within 24h