Working throughout the asset lifecycle

Our method: people, processes and technology

The population continues to grow and its expectations regarding security, sustainability and quality infrastructure are increasingly higher. Meeting these needs is one of the main challenges for governments and concessionaires of key services, and it is our mission to ensure these construction and maintenance standards reach the highest performance.

We have experience with ports, airports, highways, railways, social housing, industrial hubs, sanitation, gas, and electricity transmission and generation. For this reason, we are prepared to handle major infrastructure construction works to come, with the development of new services and innovation.

Technological development allowed us to use a range of tools to manage construction works, such as 3D modeling, BIM, internet of things, remote monitoring, augmented-reality remote inspections, and aerial and terrestrial drones, as well as artificial intelligence.

The PRI System, acquired in 2014, was incorporated into BV in 2017, extending its operation in Infrastructure & Construction throughout the asset lifecycle, with feasibility studies, construction work management, owner’s engineering, technical project review, on-site supervision, HSE, land management, factory inspection, expediting and on-site commissioning. In Operations & Maintenance, we operate systematically in the management of assets, inspection and monitoring of conditions, technical outsourcing and registration.