Maritima & offshore


40 years of experience in Brazil


For 40 years, we have been working in the Brazilian onshore and offshore Oil and Gas industry, with certification and classification solutions involving four pillars: quality, safety, environment and asset integrity. We have the knowledge and credibility to work with the challenges of this industry and support new initiatives.

The new phase leverages opportunities throughout the industry value chain. The discovery of large reserves and the operation of international companies in Brazil has given a new dynamics to the market, creating and increasing opportunities for new suppliers and for those already in the country.

New standards and regulations come to give greater safety and quality to the industrial processes. We support our clients in understanding the standards applied to their businesses and help them make the necessary adjustments. Our work ranges from initial consulting, defining an action plan, managing the adaptation process and undertaking the final evaluation, to make sure that assets and processes comply with the law, benefitting business performance and productivity.

In Operations & Maintenance (O&M), our priority is on asset integrity solutions, working with management systems for integrity, technical outsourcing and specialist inspection.

We pay close attention to changes in the industry, anticipating solutions to support our clients with regard to new energy efficiency regulations, both for ships and offshore units, and with the international convention on ship recycling. We also work on decommissioning, which requires detailed studies to ensure platform decommissioning does not have an adverse impact on the environment, nor poses any risk to staff, among other vulnerabilities that need to be mapped and managed.