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An infrastructure design involves several factors that can impact the completion of the construction work within the projected timeframe and budget. Our Owner’s Engineering service reduces risks and ensures greater efficiency and quality in the progress of new projects, renovations and expansions. In order to make sure that all steps are fulfilled as planned, our team operates in an integrated manner with our clients’ team, assuring greater synergy and agility in the performance, monitoring and control of construction works. We act both in technical and administrative management, contributing for the construction work to be delivered on time, within the budget and quality level contracted.


  • We contribute for the project to be completed within the deadlines and budget in a manner aligned to clients' business plans, with the expected quality;
  • Our experienced and specialized team monitors the entire project in loco, ensuring fulfillment of its stages and schedules, anticipating divergences and pointing to solutions;
  • We reduce design risks, by attracting investors and facilitating bank financing and loan processes;
  • As we act as an external control agent, our project management and control guarantees issuance and maintenance of licenses by regulatory bodies.


  • Construction work management
  • Supervision and inspection of construction works
  • Technical design review
  • Seismic assistance and auditing
  • Risk analysis
  • Environmental assessment
  • Land evaluation
  • Sustainability studies


Owner’s Engineering
Management of CAPEX implementation phases