Eficiência & tecnologia de ponta


The companies that operate in the Agribusiness industry work to increase control in all the processes of the supply chain with a focus on minimizing risks. The use of technology is a differential to ensure the agility between data capture and decision making, and we assist our clients with the use of cutting-edge technology, such as the use of satellite imagery and drones. We were pioneers in the digitization of data collected so that our clients can issue and monitor reports by tablets and smartphones: more dexterity and ease of access to information.


  • We work with the digitization of data collected on site, giving more dexterity and less bureaucracy to the process, facilitating the access to information by the clients, and allowing for more agile decision making;
  • We operate in the evaluation of the conditions of development of the crops, for the production of reports on metrics for the market of Agricultural Guarantees, which allows more security for the businesses;
  • We offer a more dexterous monitoring of the process to our clients, with the use of cutting-edge technology, such as satellites and drones for data collection and monitoring of agricultural processes. All accessible by smartphones and tablets, making it possible to automatically issue reports and opinions. 


Digital agricultural monitoring
Use of new technologies on site