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Concessionaires of essential services for the population, such as Electric Power, Gas and Sanitation, are living a unique moment of their business. In this scenario, better management of operations is essential to meet the demand for service expansion with the expected quality. 

In the Electric Power industry, we have seen in recent years the exchange of controllers and a high foreign investment in the concessionaires, in the same way that the regulation of the segment has increased, providing better quality of the services and greater satisfaction of the population served.

In the ​​Sanitation area, Brazil still has a large deficit of access to water and treated wastewater, and it is necessary to create regulatory milestones for a more significant expansion of investments in this industry, to expand such services.

The Gas industry has undergone recent changes in the country, with an increase in the supply of services and distribution networks. The input, which is important for the diversification of the Brazilian energy matrix, has expanded and reached new markets. In comparison with other Latin American countries, Brazil has one of the lowest gas consumption per capita, showing a great investment potential for the coming years.

Attentive to these scenarios, we have anticipated solutions and invested in technologies and services to support our clients, assuring service quality and operational efficiency, with safety as our priority.

Check how we operate in each industry: 

Power, Gas and Sanitation

We serve more than 20 Power, Gas and Sanitation concessionaires, and we operate in all regions of the country.

Our services include management and inspection of materials and suppliers, inspection and supervision of distribution networks in operation and under construction, on-site data collection – such as asset registration and meter reading –, default management and loss control. We also manage vegetation and assets, with technology to identify situations of imminent risk of interruption of services. We use technology as a differential, with the use of artificial intelligence in the treatment of images collected by teams on ground, vehicles or drones.

Generation and Transmission

We have more than 35 years of experience in these segments, operating in the certification and inspection of more than 25 thousand kilometers of transmission lines and 900 substations, in addition to managing and inspecting the construction of more than 2.5 thousand kilometers of transmission lines. We assist our clients with pre-auction technical studies, planning and management of construction work, on-site inspection, HSE and owner’s engineering.