Monitoramento de garantias


Monitoring of guarantees for agricultural financing is an essential activity for the Agribusiness industry. Monitoring and certification of all phases, from planting to delivery of the product, guarantee offering of credit facilities by financial institutions, and in better conditions. We assist our clients in this process, by using technology to ensure greater synergy and reliability in the monitoring of guarantees, assets and inventories, operating as an independent audit. Our data management allows the contractual specificities to be evaluated with information that comprises the whole chain of agricultural processes, such as date, quantity, quality and georeferencing of the crops.


  • We operate as an independent body in audits, assuring greater security in agricultural financing operations, with a positive impact on the provision and conditions of agricultural credit facility;
  • Our solutions allow cross-checking and monitoring of information, enabling a more comprehensive, integrated and real vision for our clients;
  • We monitor and certify the production, storage and delivery processes of the product, under the conditions specified in the contract;
  • Our solutions allow access to harvest monitoring data, ensuring better monitoring and transparency of results;
  • Our services prevent clause backing that may cause damage to the business, such as default interest from the maturity date;
  • We develop full reports and opinions, with information that really makes a difference for the granting of credit facilities and proof of guarantees;
  • Our specialized team monitors the entire process, providing an agile customer service, anticipating solutions, and ensuring more security throughout the process.


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