Our staff

Diverse talents, same shared vision

Our industry demands technical expertise, innovative thinking and a commitment to the highest ethical standards. We work with the best talent and recognize that our team empower our success.

Thus, our staff are our most important asset for creating value for our clients.

Get to know our talents:


Manuela Heineck, Digital Transformation department manager. 

“I started at Bureau Veritas in 2010 as a trainee in the Certification department and developed and grew within the company as I took on new challenges that enabled me to become familiar with other areas of operation until I was invited to work in France and develop my career internationally. I’ve always dreamed of being in this position. I took advantage of all the opportunities I was offered and was not afraid to leave my comfort zone, which enabled me to conquer new areas”.


Juliana Cominato, LNS area supervisor

“Working at Bureau Veritas put me in contact with a work opportunity I had never imagined, although it is directly linked with what I studied, Nutrition. I am now the supervisor of a Food Audit team of more than 80 nutritionists and this has led me to develop other important skills for my professional growth, such as people management”.


Matheus Niedecker, administrative coordinator.

“In eight years at Bureau Veritas I have been able to collect significant challenges for my professional career, playing a role in establishing new offices and company operations in different cities in Brazil. This experience has enabled me to become more familiar with the company and have contact with other cultures, contributing to a broader worldview”.

women in Bureau Veritas