Bureau Veritas cloud technology optimizes project management

Project management, at all stages, is essential for completing the construction work within deadline and budget and with the quality expected. Our exclusive, innovative portfolio, program and contract management software, PRI Manager, brings together people, processes and tools through the Real and Integrated Planning (PRI) methodology.

PRI Manager gives a comprehensive view of the project, enabling real management, with simulations for all stages, ensuring greater security for our clients, reducing risks and optimizing processes. Using cloud-based technology, the solution provides information in real time, with better business management, enabling quicker and more assertive decision making.

Our software provides data on costs, time, quality, resources, scope of the construction work, risks, suppliers and acquisitions, at all stages of construction, from design to completion. Planning is done by experts in each type and stage of the work, preventing even the trickiest unforeseen circumstances.

360° view of all stages of a project

  • Complete portfolio, program, project and contract management
  • Working schedule integrated with management software (Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera, S-Curve for Work and Finance Progress)
  • View of consolidated work and finance progress
  • Georeferenced work and finance progress data
  • Complete cost management: financial management, financial schedule, price and services spreadsheet, measuring, ABC analysis and S-curve for finances
  • Quality management and progress analysis through photographic record, camera in real time and time lapse
  • Management of all project communication, recording meeting minutes, monitoring pending items and priority provisions
  • Creating customized results with possible scheduling
  • One single platform for document and drawing management
  • Construction site diary with climate integration (climate history and forecast for the construction work)
  • Complete checklists on site via cell phone or tablet, without the need for an internet connection